Make. Think. Do.

Who I Am
My name is Rae. I'm just your average twenty-something-year-old who is way too addicted to coffee and donuts. I'm also a vegetarian.
I am a maker, a thinker, a do-er, and a horror movie bluff. I graduated Murray State University with a B.S. in Studio Art. Along the way, I realized just how much I liked coding, and while most of my classmates stayed up late working on art deadllines, I was teaching myself coding in CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript and Jquery. What I couldn't learn on my own, I badgered people smarter than myself to help me out. And I'm still learning.
The Team


Resident Groaner

As the senior member of the team, Leland has the unique privelage and experience of knowing exactly when the best time to request a walk or the bathroom. Generally, this occurs when the Rae is completely absorbed in her work.

It tends to work out for him.

Courtney Rae Stilwell

Mother Hen

Lead designer, developer and artist. Rae currently holds the office trophy for most donuts eaten in a single day.

She would love the opportunity to work for you.

Rico Suave

Lap Warmer

As the newest member of the team, Rico Suave has already carved a niche for himself as Cuddlebug and Major Distraction. Rico enjoys sitting on laptop keyboards, attacking necklaces, and meowing constantly despite his food bowl being full.

But he's warm in the winter so we keep him around.